Western Treeless Saddle Black Leather

Superb Treeless Western Saddle Black Calfskin Leather Adult Size Seat for Trail & Pleasure Horse Riding
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Western Treeless Saddle Black

   Pure Rider treeless saddles are made without using a rigid saddle tree, unlike traditional saddles.

   If your horse has less than the ideal conformation, or changes shape with the seasons, or is building up fitness, or is of a breed or type that is difficult to fit with a traditional saddle, a Pure Rider treeless saddle is for you.

Pictures show a 16.2 hand thoroughbred cross, high wither, long back horse using this treeless western saddle.

   A traditional saddle is rigid on the horse's back and spine, restricting the horse's movement, rather than conforming and flowing with the horses motion, which a Pure Rider treeless saddle achieves with ease.

   Sports equine therapists note that a treeless saddle's greater area of contact, lighter weight, and wider weight distribution of the rider on the horse's back, causes less pain to the horse, than a traditional treed saddle, especially if the treed saddle is not fitted properly, or not regularly maintained. Treeless saddles are superior in this respect, and are cheaper to maintain, not incurring regular expensive maintenance or reflocking, as a treed saddle requires.

Colour : Black 

Material :  Calfskin Leather 

Size :  16" - 18" self conforming western seat ( correct size for average to large adult )

Weight : 6.25 Kg  (13¾ Lbs)

Made from superb quality grained calfskin leather, with synthetic edge binding, straps, and padded faux fur underside. Webbing latigos, roughout suede covered stirrups, riveted reinforced stress points on rigging, three D rings for attachments on rear skirt. Suitable for natural horsemanship riding, pure comfort and freer movement. If travelling or on vacation this saddle easily packs, even as hand luggage by air, great for trail or pleasure riding.

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£239.00 (GBP)
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