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Dressage Bridle & Reins English Leather

Picture of Dressage Bridle & Reins English Leather
Dressage bridle crank padded noseband,padded browband,english leather & continental reins.

£37.50 (GBP)

Driving Harness Pad

Picture of Driving Harness Pad
Comfort for your Horse,faux fur padded Driving Harness Saddle Pad for carriage drivers.

£10.50 (GBP)

English Rubber Leather Reins

Picture of English Rubber Leather Reins
English Reins,rubber grip & leather,for horse riders hacking,dressage,show jumping,hunt,event,endurance riding.

From £4.95 (GBP)

Humane Dressage Girth English Leather

Picture of Humane Dressage Girth English Leather
Humane dressage girth english leather, natural, padded pure horse comfort, for the rider.

From £34.95 (GBP)

Liverpool Roller Bit

Picture of Liverpool Roller Bit
Liverpool Driving Bit,six independent Copper Rollers that encourage salivation,softer Horses mouth,& warm quicker than ordinary Bits.

£36.95 (GBP)

Western Breast Collar Rolled Tan Leather

Picture of Western Breast Collar Rolled Tan Leather
Matching headstall and reins are available to buy to complement this beautiful rolled leather breast collar.

£19.95 (GBP)

Western Bridle Headstall & Reins

Picture of Western Bridle Headstall & Reins
Western Bridle Tan leather with rawhide decoration on headstall & reins.Western saddle riders enjoy pleasure riding this classic set.

£33.95 (GBP)

Western Saddle Riding Set

Picture of Western Saddle Riding Set
Western Headstall,Breast Collar,Cinch,and Reins for Western riding,Pleasure or Trail saddle riders.

£47.00 (GBP)

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